I believe that people around us need to be thanked as often as possible, so I decided to start with myself.

First of all, I am very grateful to my parents. They believed in me and supported me from the very beginning.

I am very grateful to my friends who did not let me be discouraged when things didn't go as I planned.

Especially you, Megan, I will never forget that rice pudding!

Also, I am very grateful to Shania Brenson. When we first met, I thought that the CEO of 15M Finance - Shania Brenson could not understand art.

In general, I thought that not a single person who handles money well knows anything about art. But she didn't just convince me.

She helped me look at creativity from a completely different angle.

I am grateful for every kind word. And grateful for the criticism. I am grateful to be here at this very time in this very place.